Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rock Markings

Not much to comment on here, but these rockmarkings are interesting. Both examples are near the "turtle formation."

Select the above picture, the enlarged version has some very clear "dots" on it. Is there a way this would happen naturally? I don't know.

There's little doubt this one is man made, though. But made by whom? And why?

If it's of any relevance,nearby was this arrangement of boulders, similar to others I've seen around here:

Friday, March 6, 2009

promised update,at last

Forgive the delay, life has kept me busy, and far from blogging. Here's some more photos from the hike that rewarded me with the previous post.

First, more of the turtle.

This large rock forms the turtle's "shell", if you pan out a bit....

Nearby I found a nicely propped rock. It had clearly been broken out of another boulder, and then dragged up, and over its source-rock, to make a niche.

Mechanically, an upright rock, with the end falling off doesn't the roof rock wouldn't then be resting on the base rock. And the angle of the local bedrock is wrong for the boulder to have been broken in the other direction...

And,right at the crest of this hill, several shattered piles of small stones (or one,very large, shattered pile).