Sunday, July 6, 2008

More from the ridge site

Or, more accurately, from the ascent to the ridge. Near the foot of the hill, I encountered a broad, flattened region, large enough for a small building. Interestingly, at the base of a small tree was a large, deep, rock-lined hole. I would have thought it the den of some animal, but it made a vertical descent for at least 6 feet (according to my preliminary probings), not a good orientation if you don't want to collect rainwater. Did this hole represent a break through into an old and buried basement?

Farther up the hill, I found the following mossy pile. Yes, that is a cat skull someone has placed on top. Clearly, if this location ever had any ceremonial value in the past, it does for at least someone, today.
Somewhat disturbingly, I believe the cat skull was placed there rather recently. And given its state of insect occupancy, it was placed there with considerably more flesh on it. Poor cat.

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