Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Old Cart Road

(pics from earlier this summer)

Again, near Valley Green, at the junction of the Forbidden Drive and Wise's Mill Road, there is an old cart road that winds its way through the woods, merging with the Forbidden drive a stone's throw from the old Valley Green Inn. A brief hike up this road

and I found an interesting trio of quartz boulders, one propped up on the other two.

If you look closely behind this propped boulder, you can see a pile of smaller rocks abutting these
two boulders.

The remnants of thsi smaller pile are more visible in this shot from directly overhead.

Further along the road, slightly uphill and off it, is a very large pile of mostly largish schist rock.
If it represents dumped fieldstone from a passing cart, it was dumped *uphill*. So maybe it represents something else.