Saturday, December 26, 2009

Propped Rock: Winter Solstice Notch?

So, a few summers ago I noticed the following formation above Valley Green. Near the center of this picture, slightly offset to the left, is a line of boulders. You can see two of them here, quite clearly, capped in snow.

This larger boulder in this formation is actually a propped rock, with a long niche between the larger boulder and the rock propping it up. I snapped this picture about 15 minutes before the sun fell behind the valley walls. It is Christmas Eve, a few days after the "proper" solstice. Note that the light from the sun falling on the snow is almost aligned with the notch. I wish I had taken this picture a few minutes later. The light should fall exactly on the notch.

I walked a ways back from the formation, and up a small valley, until the two boulders in the first image were exactly in line. They mark the location of the setting sun almost precisely.

There are a lot of old stone wall remnants on the crest of the hill near this location, and also a stone "seat" carved right above this location. Very neat.

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